From pictures, paintings and drawings to physical objects and textiles: frame maker Goedman encompasses them all with generous attention to both form and function. Our tastefully curated collection includes frames by renowned suppliers, as well as custom profiles that we manufacture in our own workshop. This extensive range enables us to always suggest a frame that will match your personal taste and budget. From classical to contemporary and from understated elegance to an unabashed celebration of your artwork. Stop by for free advice. We’ll gladly inform you and show you around!


Every work of art is unique, and every frame should be attuned to the content it displays. What does the artwork call for? How much protection does it require? What style of frame do you prefer?

Protecting and preserving art is extremely important to us; a frame should conserve. We will also help you navigate among the congruous aesthetic options to satisfy your distinct taste in frames. In effect, we also create a personal profile.

Framing at different levels

A fragile, vintage newspaper article requires a different approach than an aluminum print. Frame Maker Goedman carefully considers the nature of your artwork. We can provide museum quality and even preservation framing. We always use acid-free materials and naturally we will suggest protective glazing when this makes sense.

Extensive advice

We can advise you on the profile, the size of the passe-partout, color options, and the type of glass. We can customize every aspect. For example, our French passe-partouts are cut by hand. And with photographs, we often recommend celluloid passe-partouts. Our passe-partout machine can cut different shapes and/ or multiple windows. We can make the profiles deeper, we can provide the colors you want, and we can make floater frames. We can also accommodate large projects in our own recently expanded workshop. Plus: we will gladly visit you on location to discuss interior design, hanging systems and logistics issues.


Sometimes works of art are ravaged by time. A chain smoking great-aunt can smother an heirloom under a layer of nicotine. A canvas can fall and tear. A leak can create unsightly water stains on a drawing and UV can deteriorate a watercolor to the point that it loses its lightness and vivacity. A restorer can often fix this damage.

Frame maker Goedman can call on a network of experienced paper and painting restorers. Would you like to know if a restorer can improve the condition of your artwork? Let us evaluate the piece and give you a free appraisal. Every work of art and every restoration is unique, so we will carefully verify everything with you before any work commences. In some instances, particularly with art on paper, the prudent call is to forgo restoration. In this case, a high quality reproduction may be a better option. And we can help you with that, too.

Paper restoration:


Painting restoration:





Handmade frames

Traditional frames are assembled and finished by hand. The result: attractive, seamless miter joints and an authentic feel. This is how Frame maker Goedman still works, and with great pleasure. The profile, the colors and the finish can be done in infinite variations. Handmade frames completely match the style of your artwork and personal preferences.

Wood and aluminum frames

Frame maker Goedman offers a large selection of wood and aluminum frames, in a variety of styles that represent every period in art history. Naturally we can accommodate almost any budget and our selection of profiles is to some extent guided by our own taste. Visit our store to see the entire collection. It will be a treat; we have over 1500 profiles to choose from.

Picture and poster frames

We believe that picture and poster frames should be quality items, designed for use and built to last. A sturdy profile and a back board with user friendly clamps are important features. We will gladly show you our wide range of options and help you pick a frame that perfectly meets your expectations.

Custom wooden profiles

Five years ago we started manufacturing a line of wooden ‘nature’ frames in our own workshop. These frames feature profiles and joints with a deliberate organic feel. And together with furniture maker Wilfred Kalf we launched the Dutch Trees collection; frames produced from locally sourced sustainable timber. It is a small contribution towards realizing our nation’s sustainability goals, but one that we are proud of.


In cooperation with furniture maker Wilfred Kalf (www.wilfredkalf.nl) custom frame maker Goedman presents a collection of attractive and sustainable (!) wooden profiles manufactured from Dutch timber.

More information about Dutch Trees Our profiles


Your artwork probably isn’t a paint by numbers kit. Neither should its frame be. We make frames that complement the artwork they display, and we are always happy to see our customers respond to the finished product with enthusiasm.

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Custom frame maker Goedman works with a close-knit and enthusiastic team. These are the people who will welcome you to the store:
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