Dutch Trees

Dutch Trees

From tree to frame. We contacted furniture maker Wilfred Kalf with this simple idea three years ago and he was  quickly as enthusiastic as we were to develop a line of frames from locally sourced (urban) timber.




The trees were already felled, for example to clear space for road construction.


Environmental friendliness

The trees are local, minimal transportation miles.



The wood is prepared and worked using ancient, traditional techniques.

Sustainable, unique and
(very) attractive

The result is as attractive and unpredictable as nature herself. We use timber that is nearly flawless to produce mirror smooth finishes. Boards with knots and pronounced grain can be incorporated in phenomenal frames with a robust character.

We offer a small selection of constantly changing wood types, including plane, oak, beech, ash and prunus, and we take great care in designing the Dutch Trees profiles so that they won’t look quite like ‘ordinary’ frames. We manufacture every Dutch Trees frame in our own workshop, and can customize them entirely to order.